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Cyber Supply Chain Risk Management: An Introduction

Digitization has become the key to survival for any organization you can think of — government agencies, businesses, schools, or healthcare service providers. However, digitization is a two-edged sword — although it brings along convenience, opportunities, and all the good stuff, it can result in breaches. The only way out is by planning an IT infrastructure capable of identifying and responding to security threats without any delays.

Now, this can be tricky because most organizations work with third parties like suppliers, service providers, vendors, etc… who can access at least some of their data. For example, a payroll management service provider is likely to have access to bank details, social security numbers, etc…Likewise, an IT Consultant may have access to project-related data such as IPs and other confidential corporate information.

By compromising the security of such third parties, cybercriminals gain access to confidential data and use it to launch supply chain attacks. Therefore, it makes no sense to solely focus on strengthening your fortress. You might have the best security measures in place, but what about those who access your organizational data? The only way to ensure 360-degree protection is by compelling third parties to adopt the necessary cybersecurity measures.

This has become the focal point for Federal agencies since the SolarWinds attack, which was by far one of the worst supply chain attacks. The malware injected into the update compromised the security of nine Federal agencies and over a hundred companies.

So, what makes supply chain attacks successful? The passive attitude towards threat, vulnerability, and risk analysis and the absence of regular penetration testing opens the floodgates to this type of attack. You should be able to manage this with a powerful first line of defense and a sound threat response mechanism. Get in touch with our experts and we will devise one that is appropriate for your business.