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i-VisioNET has established an outstanding reputation for client satisfaction on all of its contracts.  i-VisionNET’s strategy is three-fold – first, develop a full understanding of the client and its organizational structure, its program requirements, and its customer(s); second, determine what resources are needed to implement and maintain such programs and service such customers and end users; and third, continually enhance all i-VisioNET provided services through a rigorous and systematic quality improvement process.  i-VisionNET has successfully enhanced detailed procedures by leveraging lessons learned and a phased approach to the problem resolution life cycle.  Both the procedures and the phases are tailored to meet the unique needs of each account.  

i-VisioNET systematically and continuously improves the quality of its IT services by seeking proactive and innovative ways to:

Improve Effectiveness | Shorten Response Time | Enhance Productivity | Improve User Training | Strengthen Client Communications and Understanding | Introduce New Technologies & Methodologies into Current Work Procedures | Reduce Costs | Strengthen Security Controls



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